My Work

Finished Work Sketches About Me

Hello, I'm Xuan

I'm a digital artist studying computer science at the University of Connecticut

Female | 20 | American-Chinese | Lexington, MA

Just a "coder" for now

My IT-related interests lie in web development, software design, application development, and UI/UX. In other words, I'm a front-end normie who's trying to get into full stack development.

I am currently interning for Cigna in Bloomfield, CT.

Drawing is my biggest hobby

My artistic interests mainly lie in illustration, scientific/medical illustration, concept art, and worldbuilding.

I don't have many artistic inspirations; I try to take them from science and the natural world

Kinda antisocial and introverted

This means I'm perfectly at peace by myself, working on personal goals and projects. I don't get lonely and people burn me out, but I'm good at working collaboratively and actually enjoy group projects.

I'm very success-oriented and feel pressured to be the best, but I have a hard time focusing, can't multitask, and have horrible long-term memory.

Too many projects ideas

My future goals include starting a coding/art YouTube channel, making my own games, and becoming well off enough to give regularly to charity. Will I achieve this? I managed to finish this website, so maybe.

I like technology, good color palettes, accurate creature design, hexapeds, and alternative rock. Overall, I'm agreeable, pragmatic, and have a penchant for existential crises.